Windows 8 DevCamp Postmortem

Our team took on the challenge of building a Windows 8 application over a weekend, read on to find out how things turned out and what we'd do different next time.
Filed Under: apps Mon Jan 14 2013

Migrating to the Orchard

In this post I discuss migrating my Blog from BlogEngine.NET to Orchard, an open source content management system utilizing ASP.NET MVC.
Filed Under: posts Fri Jan 04 2013

TPL Dataflow–An [Extremely Short] Introduction

In this post I walk through the basics of the Task Parallel Library's Dataflow [TDF] components. My 2012 Fox Valley Day of .NET talk was based on using these components to build a simple lemmings-style 'game'.
Filed Under: posts Sun Apr 15 2012

Binding Flagged Enumerations

Here I walk through a possible solution for binding a flagged enumeration to a series of checkboxes in WPF.
Filed Under: posts Wed Oct 12 2011